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Restore Your Real Wood Flooring To Its Original Wonderful State

Wooden floors are an investment in your home, and often a costly one. Give them the love they need and they will continue to give you a beautiful home for many years to come. Cleaning regularly with house hold products such as strong disinfectants or bleach breaks the protective layer down and will cause increase wear to the floors and will allow the wood to start absorbing stains and moisture. However, using the correct products will effectively remove dirt and continuously add extra protection.

Adhesive Felt feet

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Marldon FF100 Felt Furniture Feet come as a bumper pack of 42 self adhesive assorted sized pieces.

They are heavy duty, self adhesive and provide protection for hard surfaces and floors and excellent furniture care.


- 2 x 110 x 150mm PADS - approx 3mm thick
- 16 x 19mm diameter FEET - approx 5mm thick
- 16 x 25mm diameter FEET - approx 5mm thick
- 8 x 48 x 30mm FEET - approx 5mm thick
- 42 Pieces in total

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The final step in prolonging your floors lifespan would be bi-annual buffing. Buffing keys into the finish and removes the top layer of dirt and any superficial scratches or marks. This is then finished with new coats of oil or lacquer. This process not only keeps your floor looking great but it also prolongs the need for a full restorative sand which is much more costly. As it applies new layers of finish (oil or lacquer) it helps protect the floor as will decrease the chances of a finish breakdown and therefore prevent any water or moisture damage to the wood itself. The process is often popular in busy families with children or pets and in high traffic areas. 

Don’t forget it is always advisable to use felt feet on any of your furniture in rooms with wooden floors. This prevents scratches from occurring when moving furniture be it a heavy sideboard or just your kitchen chairs. We have a selection of traditional stick on felt feet to more secure “knock in” felt feet.

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