Clean & Maintain Your Floor

The correct cleaning and maintenance of your wooden floor will ensure it remains looking at its best and protect it for a prolonged lifespan.

Most people don’t realise that wooden floor should really be cleaned with wood specific cleaning products. These products will usually contain less harsh products such as bleaches and therefore will not break down the oiled or lacquered finish of the floor. In addition, most wood specific cleaners also reapply a protective layer with each clean to further protect the top layer of finish.

We recommend and sell Woods Good cleaning products. They are made largely from natural products and also applies a coat of protective film to the surface.

Our recommendations for the cleaning of your floor is to use a combination of both a well rung out damp mop periodically and also a spray lint mop.

The spray lint mop is great for your regular day to day clean for speed and ease. Most spray mops come with an attached reservoir meaning you can pour our diluted mix directly into the mop ready for whenever you need it.

In combination with this, we acknowledge that most people feel this isn’t enough and like to do a more thorough deep clean. For this, we would recommend our Woods Good refresher mixed with water and a well rung out mop. Its important to avoid an overly wet mop as over time this can cause damage to your floor.

The final step in really prolonging your floors lifespan would be bi-annual buffing. Buffing keys into the finish and removes the top layer of dirt and any superficial scratches or marks. This is then finished with new coats of oil or lacquer. This process not only keeps your floor looking great but it also prolongs the need for a full restorative sand which is much more costly. As it applies new layers of finish (oil or lacquer) it helps protect the floor as will decrease the chances of a finish breakdown and therefore prevent any water or moisture damage to the woods itself. This process is often popular in busy families with children or pets and in high traffic areas.

Don’t forget, it is always advisable to use felt feet on any of your furniture in rooms with wooden floors. This prevents any scratches from occurring when moving furniture around, be it a heavy sideboard or just your kitchen chairs. We have a selection of traditional stick on felt feet to more secure “knock in” felt feet.

Our recommended products can be purchased direct when having your work completed or via our Ebay shop for delivery straight to your home.